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Calma Series WQII 900 Hydraulic Pumps

A New Standard for Noise Reduction

Haldex Hydraulics Systems Calma Series WQII 900 gear pump is setting a new standard for noise reduction of hydraulic pumps.  Developed on the double flank engagement principle of the Haldex WQ900 series.  Calma takes noise to new lows.  Calma pumps are available in standard and low speed designs.

  • WQII 900 Calma series compares favorably with more expensive internal gear pumps on efficiency and low noise operation.
  • A low speed option is available for application where motor speed controls call for low flow at operating pressure.
  • Designed for applications where low noise or low pressure pulsation is required. 
  • Dimensions are the same as the WQ900 series to be easily interchangeable. 

The Haldex Calma WQII 900 offers the same flanges, shafts and ports as the WQ900 series.  Displacement range is 6.2 to 23.7 cc (0.378 to 1.446 in.3/rev) at speeds from 400 to 4000 rpm.

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